Osa Station

Center for Studies and Community Empowerment Alvaro Wille Trejos (CEEC-AWT). Situated in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, in the community of

The CEEC – AWT station was founded en 1993 under the name “Centro Juvenil Tropical” (Tropical Youth Center). It was founded in order to implement a process of environmental education to help preserve and diffuse the importance of the biodiversity that resides in the Osa Peninsula, this being one of the places with the highest density and variety of species in the world.

Today, with the objective to reinforce and renew the mission of the foundation, the CEEC – AWT station is in a process in which the goal is to become a center of education and training related to the communities in the Osa Peninsula. This conducted in such manner that a joint effort between the foundation and the local population is established, and that the residents will be in charge of their own development.

Also, the CEEC – AWT strives to spread the biological importance of the Osa Peninsula through visits to its facilities for students and researchers from abroad, thus promoting a healthy integration between local culture and that of the visitors, hence facilitating an ambience of tolerance and mutual learning which fortifies the capacity of each individual.

“I was given a gift to be here and learn about the beauty and challenges in Osa, Thank you for your gracious hospitality” Vicki Gefen Mokusia, Dallas Texas IIE Toyota Teacher Program.

Some of the activities in the CEEC – AWT

• Workshops for vocational youth interest (in collaboration with Foundation PROhumana 21)

• Training of local nature guides

• Implementation of the Library Dr. Alvaro Wille Trejos

• Library and Internet service for free nearby communities

Infrastructure of the CEEC – AWT

• Cabins with the capacity to house 32 people

• Building equipped with training room and lodging for up to 24 people

• Administion building with library and training room

• Wireless Internet

• Dining area

• Heliconia Trail

• Area of 12 hectares of protected forest

• Orchard Area

• Area for installation of portable laboratories

Information about the CEEC-AWT

Facts of interest in the zone:

Conservation area: Osa

Nearby reserves: Forest Reserve Golfo Dulce (80% of the CEEC-AWT territory is part of this reserve), National Park Corcovado.

Nearby communities: El Campo, Rancho Quemado, La Palma

Cultural diversity: Indigenous Resort Guaymí Osa

Map of the network of the Fundación Neotrópica in the zone:

Map of the other stations of Fundación Neotrópica:

Álvaro Wille Trejos (1928 – 2006)

The CEEC-AWT station was given its name in honor of the entomological master Álvaro Wille Trejos, a highly recognized Costa Rican scientist and researcher, who devoted hours beyond any price to insights of the depths of the Osa Peninsula

A quotation from Álvaro Wille Trejos’ reflections in Corcovado:

“..I felt the desire to merge with all the beauty around me, in certain moments it seemed that I succeeded, plunged into the highest contemplation … I gathered myself and went back in the attempt to intimately become a part of everything that surrounded me… I fell again, submissively, pleased by the idea of being part of it all … My thoughts go back in time, and to scientifically explain this sentiment, it appeared that the beginning of the evolution of our planet came into sight.”

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