Volunteer Group

For people who want to be part of the team of the Foundation Neotrópica voluntarily collaborating with the work being done in the organization formed a group in which they can actively participate in the search for alternatives that allow a true sustainable development.

This is an independent group, which has the support and the support of the organization, volunteers who make up the group meet regularly to organize new activities and collaborate on work of the Foundation.


  • Older than 18 years-old.
  • Residing in Costa Rica.
  • Having personal conviction to work for the environment.

The team Neotrópica Foundation also supports the group of volunteers through training and environmental training.

Tasks to do:

  • Participate in outreach of environmental issues.
  • Support the implementation of projects by the Foundation.
  • Spread the message that equality and quality of life of human beings, respect for all forms of life and sustainable use of natural resources is possible.

For more information on the provisions of the program and registration forms please visit the presentation of the program.

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