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Our foundation provides a group affiliation to national and international companies that are compromised with the sustainable development.

In regards to our relationship with the private sector, our organizational policy is very clear: we must work together with the private sector in order to find options to improve production processes without implying in any way, stop development required our country.

With this objective, the Neotrópica Foundation has established relationships with large, medium and small companies from all sectors of the country: industrial, agro-industrial and services; as well as international organizations.

The “Amigos por la Naturaleza” program brings together companies, that since they are aware of the importance of conserving natural resources, support the activities of the Foundation with an annual donation in cash or in kind. As a counterpart to this donation, the Foundation offers a number of benefits that are set according to the membership category for which chooses the company.

Neotrópica Foundation is an entity authorized by the Dirección General de Tributación Directa to receive donations, so the contributions that companies make can be registered as a deductible expense of their gross income.

To join our program, you can write to mpinel@neotró

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