Executive Direction

Its vision has two facets regarding the productive work of the foundation. First, it established, through an integral perspective, the general vision of the organization. It also provides the means for each operating unit to achieve that vision while maintaining a process of continuous contact, control, promotion and support within them, as a way to ensure the achievement of the contemplated objectives.

This board leads the scientific production of the Neotropica Foundation, as the core of the think tank. They also developed the image and external relations that promote the work of the Fundation as a whole.

Bernardo Aguilar González

Juan Carlos Crespo

Bernardo Aguilar González is the Executive Director of the Neotrópica Foundation, leading organization in conservation by communities.

He has extensive academic experience in the areas of Sustainable Development, Ecological Economics, Environmental Law and Latin American Studies with emphasis in the areas of Natural Resources Assessment, Ecosystem Health and Ecology / Political Economy. Experience in research on comprehensive indicators for sustainable development, appreciation of environmental services, market models for tropical products, political ecology and Latin American Studies.

Experience in course design, case studies within an experiential and multidisciplinary education environment. Experience in administration of programs focused on empiric and participatory education with community service components in matters of Sustainable Development, Conservation and Multiculturalism in an international environment.

Soon to obtain a PhD in Environmental Management and Culture / Natural Sciences for Development. Master's Degree in Applied and Agricultural Economics. Graduated (Specialist) in Agrarian and Environmental Law, Graduated in Law with experience in environmental, labor and agrarian affairs.

Among his publications are: Economic Paradigms and Sustainable Development: Economics at the Service of Conservation, several chapters in collective works, articles in specialized magazines, book reviews, technical reports and numerous newspaper articles, bulletins and magazines. Other professional and voluntary activities include lectures, seminars, professional presentations, radio interviews and participation in professional and voluntary societies.

Current President of the Mesoamerican Society of Ecological Economics. Among his awards and recognitions, he won a Fulbright scholarship by the US government and the creation of the National Award (in the US) Bernardo Aguilar by the United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE), in recognition of the work that inspires students to get involved in this area of study.

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