Global Environmental Citizenship

It seeks to promote good relations, knowledge and concerted actions among local and international parties, to promote the development of a global environmental citizenship.

Ciudadanía Ambiental

This program contains measures aimed at building partnerships with citizens and organizations in other countries through a network experience, facilitated by the exchange with Neotropica, through educational programs, volunteering or research.

The program contains activities for those citizens and/or organizations, which have a transformative effect on promoting global environmental awareness, exploring the connections between social and environmental realities of their country of origin and of our country as well, and promoting commitment to global social and environmental justice.

The United Nations Program for Environment defines environmental citizen as a ´critical and conscious citizen who understands, is interested, claims and demands his environmental rights and who in return is willing to exercise his own environmental responsibility '. Under this premise, the program’s objective is to promote good relationships, knowledge and concerted actions between locals and internationals, to promote the development of a global environmental citizenship.

Productive Sustainable Solutions

Training in sustainable producion.


This program seeks to promote productive and sustainable activities and practices that enable communities to use natural resources without exploiting them.

To realize the objectives Fundacion Neotropica provides trainings and workshops for the communities near their areas of living in the Centres for Community Empowerment. And one of the main objectives of the program is to create a management plan for the financing of initiatives of this type of production.

Community Empowerment Program and socio-environmental management

It seeks to generate knowledge and skills for the communities to be able to make proper use of natural resources.

Grupo Empoderamiento

This program contains measures which help generate knowledge and skills to implement innovative techniques in the management and use of natural resources and the services they provide for the society.

It considers as main focus the consolidation of community self-management and the application of experience and participatory sustainable development initiatives.

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