We multiply our support for mangroves

Today, March 16th, we are able to multiply the received donations in the largest fund management community "Global Giving” for our project

Let's help local people of Costa Rica to take care of 10,000 mangrove trees

On this day, called “Global Giving Bonus Day”, the platform provides additional 30 % of donations and we want to achieve this goal of $ 10,000 to benefit the project. We need your support.

Mangroves play an essential role against climate change and for the future of humanity. They have a variety of life, protect our coasts, they take care of our water, store five times more carbon dioxide than terrestrial forests, and many livelihoods such as fishing and ecotourism depend on them.

Our project also benefits local communities of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, mainly "piangüeros" groups, fishermen and women who work with us in the reforestation of wetlands.

Make your donation! It is very simple and fast through this link. We count on you!

Go to https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/mangrove-community-conservation-in-costa-rica/?rf=ggWidget

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