EVRAC Unit (Unidad de Educación, Voluntariado, Recreación Ambiental y Comunidad)

EVRAC Unit (Unidad de Educación, Voluntariado, Recreación Ambiental y Comunidad)

The newest work unit, brings synergies and integration with communities.

The Education Unit, Volunteer, Environmental Recreation and Community (EVRAC), aims to unite the experience of Neotrópica Foundation in environmental recreation (or educational tourism) with a greater emphasis on the development, support and promotion of educational programs for national students and that draw foreign mission and technical capacity of the foundation. It also seeks to promote the use of volunteer programs to strengthen the areas of work and action of the organization.

Finally, the EVRAC Unit aims to strengthen their joint work programs, support and empowerment of communities that are part of the socio-environmental systems where the work of the Foundation develops. Thus, the EVRAC unit should co-coordinate the activities of field stations and supports synergies with other operating units in one way or another involved in these areas.

Write us at: studyabroad@neotropica.org

José Ignacio Escorriola – Coordinator


José Ignacio has a degree in Marine Biology at the Nacional University, a master's degree in marine science from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington - UNCW and interdisciplinary masters degree in ecology from the University of Florida, under the auspices of a Fulbright-LASPAU.

He has worked as a research assistant for the following projects as "distribution and abundance of species of shrimp Macrobrachium americanum and its impact on the aquatic community of Juco river and Negro river, at Puriscal (La Cangreja National Park)" and "Responding to the Coffee Crisis: A pilot study of farmers' adaptations in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras ".

He has worked as a teacher of General Biology Laboratory at University of North Carolina at Wilmington - UNCW, it has also provided courses for Ecology and Conservation Studies Abroad Programs in several US universities as Linfield College, Hawaii Pacific University. It has been field instructor in Costa Rica for University of Washington, Hawaii Pacific Victor Valley College, and Roane State University.

Esteban Fernandez - Assistant


Esteban is professional in Ecotourism and is currently completing a Masters in Sustainable Development with emphasis on Conservation of Biological Resources at the University of Costa Rica. He has worked with organizations in training environmental education, ecotourism, climate change and biodiversity research in Costa Rica for more than 5 years. Manager of environmental projects in various parts of the country, committed to sustainability as a tool to improve the quality of life of communities.

Luis Carlos Solis - CEEC Willie Alvaro Trejos - Coordinator

Luis Carlos is Manager of Natural Resources. He has worked in institutions dedicated to strengthening environmental awareness through the use of educational tools. She loves those actions aimed at community empowerment, arts and recreation, sustainable use of resources, good agricultural practices and food sovereignty.

Isaac Gutiérrez Funes - Maintenance and security - CEEC-AWT Osa Peninsula

Mireya Godinez Muñoz - Kitchen and laundry - CEEC-AWT Osa Peninsula

Jorge Alvarado Cascante - Maintenance - CEEC-AWT Osa Peninsula

Emilieth Alvarado Carrillo - Security and maintenance - CEEC-Sundt Coyolito

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