The events Neotrópica Foundation actively participates in the organization in the field of Economy and Environment.

  • Local Organizing Committee member of the 7th Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). 2014 Conference (From 8 to 12 September 2014). The emphasis of this Seventh International Conference ESP was in the use of the concept of ecosystem services at the local level, focusing on Latin America, with special emphasis on Costa Rica. It allowed learn about the different ways that ecosystem services are being used by local communities as economic alternatives to protect ecosystems and providing livelihoods for local people. Representatives of several EU-funded projects presented their results in community management of ecosystems: CiVi.Net, COBRA, EcoAdapt, CombioServe and COMETLA. Its objectives were to analyze the progress of the ESP, advances in the fields of ecosystem services Science, Policy and Practice and provide an event for its working groups, national networks and associations.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of Congress EcoEco Alternatives 2014: The main focus of this conference was to expose varieties of Ecological Economics "Moving towards Alternatives for the people and ecosystems of Latin America." Among its objectives the strengthening of the network of green economy in the region was found, in addition to position this branch in methodological, scientific and research discussions of economy, ecology and related fields. Organized by Neotrópica Foundation and the Mesoamerican Society for Ecological Economics

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