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The CEEC in Agua Buena

For me, the greatest joy of returning to the Osa Peninsula after 20 years was to experience the magnificent tall rain forest again with all its life. But a close second was the joy of seing the CEEC Agua Buena still functional with a small but competent staff.

A refound old friend

It is great to be a tropical tree botanist in the Osa (S Costa Rica), for there’s juicy stuff all over! But one of the 350 tree species I got collected in the Aguabuena watershed more than 20 yrs ago, is special to me – my only CLAIM to be a “real” botanist, a taxonomist that is…

Man Up for Mangroves (Day 9)

Yalies are not made for hard labor. As much as some of us may pride ourselves for having chosen the 6-day FOOT trip, hitting Payne Whitney five times a week, or for having managed to survive move-out day without our parents’ help, when presented with actual, brow-sweating, muscle-burning hard labor, Yalies struggle quite a bit. This was my trivial realization during our last day in Osa when, overwhelmed by the smell of decomposing mud and the blistering sun, we were hauling around bags of sand and mud at Fundación Neotrópica’s Blue Carbon site.

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