Analytical Unit

The Unit of Analysis has among its functions to execute projects, provide consultancies and find different cooperation alliances both nationally and internationally.

The Analysis Unit (AU) is a unit that was born after merging the Technical Unit of Projects and the Consultrópica Unit. The mission of the AU is to formulate proposals for projects and consultancies which are adapted to the new objectives that the Fundation has proposed in its Strategic Planning. This Unit works on issues related to the fair distribution of the costs and benefits of conservation and sustainable development, supporting the programs of Community Empowerment and Socio-environmental Management, "Sustainable Productive Solutions" and "Global Environmental Citizenship".

It also supports the objectives of the Executive Board in the execution of projects related to the following topics: ecological economy, political ecology, environmental conflicts and others.

In addition, the Unit in conjunction with the Executive Board formulates stances on current national and international issues in order to express them to the public.

Javier Carazo


Juan Carlos Crespo

Javier has a Master's Degree in Wildlife and Conservation Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Natural Resources Management from the National University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Sustainable Development from the Universidad Latina of Costa Rica. He has extensive experience in conservation projects, serving as a consultant to several national and international organizations on biodiversity issues, protected areas, biological corridors, environmental management and impact assessments.

Adriana Fernandez

Technical Assistant - Management of Natural Resources

Juan Carlos Crespo

Adriana Fernández, is an Environmental Advisor graduated from the National University of Costa Rica, with a degree in Management and Protection of Natural Resources at the State University of Distance learning (UNED). She has experience in management of Protected Wildlife Areas, socio-environmental conflict management, community conservation of mangroves, environmental education and implementation of certifications such as Tourism Sustainability Certificate (CST), Ecological Blue Flag and Carbon Neutral certification.

She has developed environmental management plans, solid and liquid waste management, environmental monitoring plans and community extension for different public and private organizations. She enjoys working with communities, and be able to provide tools for the integral management of natural resources, where society and environment are both beneficiaries.

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