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The highest authority of the Neotropica Fundation is the Administrative Board, which is conformed by people with extensive experience in socio-environmental issues and great passion for the conservation of natural resources.

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Juan Carlos Crespo

Juan Carlos Crespo

Businessman. Graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing from the University of Oklahoma. He has held several positions at Tienda La Gloria since his entry in 1980, and currently he is the President and General Manager of the company. In the environmental field, he has collaborated for several years with the National Parks Foundation in the 80s and he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Neotropica Foundation since its inception. One of his main hobbies is the nature, which has led him to walk all over Costa Rica getting to know the National Parks and other natural areas. He is a member of the Costa Rican Speleological Association and have participated in several expeditions through Costa Rican caverns. He has participated in boards of social welfare organizations such as El Museo Nacional and the Santiago Crespo Nursing Home.

Olga Emilia Brenes
Vice President

Juan Carlos Crespo

PhD in Education with Master's degree in Finance, she has stood out for her contributions in Environmental Education and Sciences.

Jennifer Crowe

Jennifer Crowe

Biologist, with a Master's degree in Public Health with emphasis in Occupational and Environmental Health from the University of Washington in Seattle, and a PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology from the University of Umeå in Sweden. She is currently a researcher at the Regional Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET) and the SALTRA Program (Health, Work and Environment) at the National University of Costa Rica. Previously, she was a research coordinator at the Center for Safety and Health in Agriculture of the Pacific Northwest (PNASH) at the University of Washington where her work was focused on environmental justice and participatory community-based research. Her favorite topics for research are: exposure to heat in sugarcane workers, non-traditional chronic kidney disease and climate change. She has more than ten years of experience in Costa Rica and United States in research about environmental and occupational health issues with migrant populations doing farming work.

Mauricio Castro

Mauricio Castro

Civil engineer with a Master's degree in Sciences, Graduate degrees in Project Designing and Administration of the Maritime Authority. He has been a professor at the University of Costa Rica, and the Catholic University of Ecuador (Quito headquarters). He was part of the team that designed "Payments for ecosystem services (PES)" and the first Carbon Credit that was negotiated in the world. He was Executive Secretary of the Central American Commission on Environment and Development, President of the National Parks Foundation, Executive Director of Fundecooperation for Sustainable Development, Costa Rica's representant in the negotiation of the Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development (ALIDES) and for the cooperation agreement for sustainable development between Central America and the United States (CONCAUSA).

Currently, he is focused in promoting a sustainable development considering the adaptation to climate change, the mitigation of greenhouse gases including the cultural variable into the sustainability equation.

Founding members


Our first Administrative Board was conformed by (from left to right in the photograph): Rodrigo Zeledón, Carlos Valerio, María Eugenia Bozzoli, Juan Carlos Crespo and Paul Bornemisza.

Personalities that have been part of our Administrative Board in the past

María Eugenia Bozzoli

Juan Carlos Crespo

Recognized anthropologist and researcher at the University of Costa Rica. She has been a member of the University Council and professor of the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology. Among the topics addressed in her publications, there is the relationship between the environment and the sociocultural system. She was awarded with the National Prize of the Culture Magón 2001.

Rodrigo Zeledón

Microbiologist and parasitologist. He has a PhD at the Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Founder and president of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICIT). He was Minister of Science and Technology in the Arias Sánchez Administration.

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